MacBrowser launched!

Using our newly launched MacBrowser, you can check the MPI/AMDI plots and gene expressions of murine bone marrow derived macrophages that were not stimulated (“M0”), or stimulated LPS+IFNγ (“M1”) or IL4+IL13 (“M2”). You can see their MPI/AMDI distributions and expression patterns of any genes. Please refer to our JCI insight publication (PMID: 30990466) for more details of the dataset.

Solving the browser time-out issue during calculation of sig genes

If you experienced browser time-out issues (like the image below) when you try to download sig genes, do not close the browser page and stay in the page for a while; as long as it still shows “Processing…”, the calculation is going on in the back-end, and when it finishes, the download window should pop up.

If download window does not pop up, try this temporary fix:
Before clicking the “Download Sig Gene” button, click the “Make Heatmap” first; this will pre-calculate the MPI-signature genes; after the Gene-MPI Heatmap is generated, then click “Download Sig Gene” to download the MPI-signature genes. (for details check our user manual)

07/16/2018 – MacSpectrum v1.0 released!

MacSpectrum is a macrophage annotation system that allows comprehensive analysis of heterogeneous subpopulation and their multifaceted activation states under various in vitro and in vivo conditions. Each subpopulation identified by this system can be analyzed for cell function, intracellular signaling networks, and condition-specific signature genes.